Fattoria La Ripa "Le Terre di Monna Lisa" CHIANTI DOCG 2018 cod LRP-W5-2018

Fattoria La Ripa

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Fattoria La Ripa "Le Terre di Monna Lisa" Chianti DOCG 2018
Grape varieties blend:
Sangiovese 80%, Merlot 10%, Canaiolo 10%.

This Chianti DOCG has been made to celebrate the important historical background of Fattoria La Ripa estate, which started producing wines in the fifteenth century, when it was
owned by Del Giocondo Family, the famous Monna Lisa’s family (the beautiful girl painted by Leonardo da Vinci and known as "La Gioconda").
For these reasons, Fattoria La Ripa decided to create this particular label, recalling the famous Louvre painting and using Leonardo da Vinci’s back to front handwriting.
The vinification is carried out with the the most modern techniques but always with careful attention to tradition. The result is an extremely pleasant wine with a good price.

Fattoria La Ripa "Le Terre di Monna Lisa" is to be drunk at room temperature (approx.18°C), with red and white meat dishes, but also with Italian style pasta, pizza and other specialties of the Italian cuisine.

Organoleptic characteristics of the wine:
Colour: Dark red with ruby glints
Bouquet: combination of violet and berries, smoothly spiced, good complexity
Flavour: fresh but consistent, elegant, well balanced.